Hello!  My name is Philip Kirkpatrick.  I am an Arkansas native, living most of my life in North Little Rock.  I have been doing something artistic for as long as I can remember.  I used a blue-green crayon to do a huge snow scene on my freshly painted bedroom walls at age four.  I got in trouble, but my parents hated to paint over it!  They were encouraging to my art talent over the years.  I love creating art in paint, pencil or pen and ink.  And crayons too. 

I was bitten by the cartoon bug in middle school.  Thanks to Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Charles Schulz, and MAD magazine I was hooked.  I was the publications cartoonist in high school my senior year, cartoonist at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock newspaper (where I finally graduated with a B.A. in 1992) and political cartoonist for several Arkansas newspapers over the years, including  The North Little Rock Times,  Arkansas Gazette and Arkansas Business.   I have also worked over the years in my art career as a freelance graphic designer, children’s book illustrator, art gallery manager and owner, elementary art teacher and picture framer (20 years experience framing).  

I love art history and Impressionist art.  I enjoy the loose painting style after so many years of illustrations.  I love the classics like Monet and Van Gogh, but I also love a well drawn cartoon in the comics.  Or good animation like Bugs Bunny! I look forward to painting with you at Canvas N’ Spirits! 

“Every child is an artist, the trick is how to remain one once you grow up.”-Pablo Picasso  

Phillip Kirkpatrick

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​Lucy Inserra

Featured Artists Bios:

My name is Lucy Inserra.  I currently live in Sherwood, Arkansas as a local artist that was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska.  I moved to the south 20 years ago to attend college in 1990.  After receiving a business degree in 1994 and working in the business field for 10 years, I still felt something was missing and I wanted to express myself through some other medium and I could not do that with a business degree.  Therefore, I started to chase after a dream I’ve had since I was little girl, and that was...  becoming an artist!

I started college at Pulaski Technical College for an art degree in 2000.  I had to start all over on prerequisites for my art degree of Studio Art.  I worked full time in the business field and took classes at night to achieve my goal.  Finally, I graduated in 2006 from Pulaski Technical College with an Associates of Arts degree.  I started my upper-level classes at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock, in 2008 for my degree in Studio Art.  I attended college full time at this point and I began to gain a lot of knowledge about art in all forms, from ceramics to art history.  I must say, I loved every minute of it!  I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art with an emphasis in Painting in 2011 with a 3.8 GPA.

After graduation, I found a part time painting job as an instructor for 'beginner' painters that I still teach to this day.  I am an Arkansas Registry Artist with the Arkansas Arts Council, and at the beginning of this year of 2013, my work was displayed publicly for the first time at the Boulevard Bread Company Downtown in Little Rock’s River Market District.

While in college, I fell in love with painting.  I was an acrylic painter for years during my first college years.  But, that changed once I got to the University of Arkansas in Little Rock, I changed from acrylic to oil painting.  I prefer oil paints but, still work in acrylic paints.  I prefer oil paints because you can manipulate the paints a lot better than acrylic paints.  Acrylic paint is best used for layering of color, or watered down appearance.  My painting style that I use is the use of vibrant colors and expressive brushstrokes.  I consider myself as an expressionist painter, for I create paintings that I see around me, and want the viewer to feel or associate with the painting.

I am currently working on several techniques in my painting style.  I am trying to achieve my own style of painting, where someone can look at my paintings and say, “Hey! That’s Lucy Inserra”. Every artist wants to be recognized for their own style of art.  I want my paintings to reflect the person I am and how I can relate to the world around me.  Can't wait to see you in one of Canvas n' Spirits, LLC wine and paint classes!  Schedule your wine and paint class in Sherwood today!  Just a recap...  Wine and paint party Sherwood!  Fun, fun, fun!